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Reveal Pro Fast Frame

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Affordable, high-performance thermal imaging for the PRO

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Product description

Revel PRO is the most advanced handheld thermal imaging camera from Seek Thermal. Highly durable and easy to use. Reveal PRO combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor with intuitive software to help you work smarter. And when you need it, a powerful 300 lumen led light is available at the touch of a button. Offering adjustable thermal span, level, and emissivity settings, the Reveal PRO delivers unprecedented high-resoluation thermal imaging and software capabilities available at this price.

Important Specifications:
- 320 x 240 thermal sensor
- 32° Field of view
- -40° to 330°C temperature range
- 550 meters distance
- Works day & night
- 300 lumen led flashlight

Technical Specifications:
- Frame rate: > 15 Hz Fast Frame
- Flashlight: 300 lumen led
- Display: 6cm with Gorilla glass
- Thermal sensitivity: < 75 mk
- Spectral range: 7,5 - 14 Microns
- User interface: Self-contained device with 3 button navigation
- Temperatur display scale: Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin
- Color Palettes: 9 options
- Storage media: 4 GB internal drive (< 4000 images)
- Battery: Up to 4 hours continuous thermal imaging

Key Features:
- High resolution thermal sensor
  320 x 240 thermal sensor for maximum image clarity and sensitivity
- Adjustable emissivity
  Calibrate for reflective surfaces when accuracy is critical
- Wide, 32-degree field of view
  Easily scan a large area to identify potential hazards in seconds
- Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  Up to 4 hours of continuous thermal imaging on a single charge
- See trough the dark. Light optional
  300 lumen LED flashlight available at the touch of a button
- Best-in-class temperature range
  Measure temperatures from -40° to 330°C

Benefits & Uses:
- Accurately inspect mechanical and electrical equipment
  Diagnose and assess the problem source quickly
- Safely monitor hazardous environments
  Evaluate potentially dangerouw situations from a safe distance
- See more thermal detail where you need it most
  Level and span controls let you isolate and capture the details that matter
- Durable, all-in-one device
  Rugged, rubberized casing and intuitive controls go and work where you do
- Time of day won't slow you down
  Safely examine any job site in daylight or total darkness


320 x 240
-40° to 330°C
7,5 - 14 microns
> 15 Hz FastFrame
±2 °C or ±2% of reading

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Product reviews (2)

JP Inspecties BV. 18-10-2017 16:46

Voor inspectie prima camera om warmte verschillen te lokaliseren in schakel en verdeel inrichtingen. Eenvoudig in gebruik en geeft juist beeld weer van de situatie.
Prijs kwaliteit voldoet prima.

Gebouwinspectie 08-05-2017 15:38

Steekt qua resolutie met kop en schouders boven de rest in deze prijscategorie uit.
Erg gedetailleerd beeld.

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