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Compact PRO Android FastFrame

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Seek Thermal Compact PRO Android. Affordable thermal imaging camera for your Android smartphone with a 320 x 240 resolution.

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Product description

The Compact PRO camera is the most advanced thermal imaging camera from Seek Thermal specially made for Android devices. This highly portable thermal imaging camera features a large, 320 x 240 thermal sensor with high sensitivity and a wide 32-degree field of view. Offering adjustable thermal span, level, and emissivity settings. The Compact PRO delivers unprecedented high resolution thermal imaging and software capabilities available at this price.

Important Specifications:

    • 320 x 240 thermal sensor
    • 32° Field of view
    • -40° to 330°C temperature range
    • 550 meters distance
    • Works day & night
    • Waterproof Carrying Case

Technical Specifications:

    • Frame rate: > 15 Hz Fast Frame
    • Focus: Adjustable
    • Thermal sensitivity: < 75 mk
    • Spectral range: 7,5 - 14 Microns
    • User interface: Free Seek Thermal Mobile App
    • Temperatur display scale: Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin
    • Color Palettes: 9 options
    • Storage media: Stores directly to Smartphone
    • Battery: Low power provided by smartphone (280 mW)
    • Phone Compatibility: Top iPhone models

Key Features

    • High resolution thermal sensor
    • 320 x 240 thermal sensor for maximum image clarity and sensitivity
    • Adjustable emissivity
    • Calibrate for reflective surfaces when accuracy is critical
    • Wide, 32-degree field of view
    • Easily scan a large area to identify potential hazards in seconds
    • Focusable Lens for quick identification
    • Aim and focus from 15 cm to 550 meters for the sharpest image
    • Utilizes the power and display of your smartphone
    • Intuitive, free mobile app available on iTunes App Store
    • Waterproof case that protects
    • Comes with its own waterproof case to withstand the elements

Benefits & Uses

    • Connect and Detect Convenience
    • Pocket-sized, highly portable, and easy to use
    • Accurately inspect mechanical and electrical equipment
    • Diagnose and assess the problem source quickly
    • Safely monitor hazardous environments
    • Evaluate potentially dangerouw situations from a safe distance
    • See more thermal detail where you need it most
    • Level and span controls let you isolate and capture the details that matter
    • Time of day won't slow you down
    • Safely examine any job site in daylight or total darkness
    • Easily document and share
    • Record images and video of industrial inspections for accurate documentation

Very suitable for:

      • Hunters
      • Boaters
      • Outdoor enthusiast
      • Home owners
      • Electrical and mechanical engineers

Delivery included:

    • Seek Compact PRO camera
    • Waterproof carrying case


320 x 240
-40 tot 330°C
7,5 - 14 microns
>15 Hz
±2 °C or ±2% of reading

Product reviews

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Product reviews (3)

Jaap Zekveld 14-01-2019 12:48

Een zeer goede tool, ik heb deze gekozen in verband met de hoge thermische resolutie.
In het begin vergat ik nogal eens (handmatig) scherp te stellen, een kwestie van wennen want het werkt verder voortreffelijk en ik ben er zeer tevreden mee.

Zonder internet wil de app niets met de camera doen, dat kan lastig zijn als je de app in een parkeergarage of betonnen bunker opent ... en het openingsscherm van de app ziet er echt crap uit.

Diederik van Beusichem 19-02-2018 14:58

Zeer prettige en professionele telefonische helpdesk die op eigen initiatief belde en mij behoed heeft voor een verkeerde aankoop. Goede combinatie tussen een webwinkel en fysieke winkel.

Gijs Vandersanden 07-11-2016 13:20

Mooi apparaatje, plug & play, doet wat ik er van verwacht had.

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