FLIR Tools Mobile

FLIR Tools Mobile is an intuitive application for Android phones and tablets for importing, analyzing, managing, and sharing thermal images that allows you to connect to FLIR's new T620, T640, and E-Series (E40, E50, and E60) infrared cameras.

Features of FLIR Tools Mobile for Android:

    • Import images from your FLIR Wi-Fi-enabled infrared camera.
    • Lay out and move measurement tools on the image.
    • Read out temperature measurements.
    • Zoom in on images.
    • Remotely take snapshots on the Android phone or tablet when a FLIR infrared camera is connected.
    • Take snapshots that will automatically be saved on the Android phone or tablet on the FLIR infrared camera.
    • Delete images on the Android phone or tablet.
    • Display an image’s GPS coordinates on Google Maps.
    • Create and e-mail reports.
    • Save images in the Android phone or tablet photo library.
    • Send images to FTP sites and other file-sharing services (Dropbox,, etc...).
    • Display image information, e.g., object parameters, text comments, and file details.
    • Play back voice comments.
    • Change the level and span.
    • Change general settings in the app.
    • Change the palette.