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Training content: Level 1 certified thermographer

This 5-day training course has been developed for beginners in thermography who want to qualify as a Level 1 certified thermographer.

What does the ITC Level I Thermography training entail?
In addition to a theoretical introduction to infrared, you will learn during an ITC Level 1 course how to obtain high-quality data by using a thermal imaging camera. You will learn how to measure temperatures correctly, taking into account factors such as emissivity, reflectance and distance. You will be shown how to correctly interpret an infrared image through theoretical knowledge, but also through a series of practical tests. Moreover, you will learn to avoid some costly mistakes by, for example, knowing the difference between a real “hot spot” and reflection. Furthermore, a portion of the course is devoted to the use of software to enable you to prepare a proper infrared inspection report. The course is given in Dutch by a Level III certified instructor.

During this five-day, practice-oriented course you will learn:
-The necessary concepts from heat theory
-How heat is transferred in practice
-What infrared radiation is and how it behaves
-How to set up the camera for measuring temperatures
-How to create a good thermal image, taking into account the measuring conditions
-Interpret and analyze the thermal image
-Report the results based on the relevant guidelines and standards

What prior training do I need?
No specific prior training is required for this course.

Participants are often people who:
-already have some experience with thermography and want to delve deeper into it
-have noticed in practice that thermography seems simpler than it is
-clients must be able to demonstrate that they are sufficiently qualified

What is the added value?
A Level 1 thermographer can be expected to be able to independently carry out thermographic inspections and report the results clearly. Clients are increasingly requiring that a thermographic inspection be carried out by a Level 1 certified thermographer.

What does the course agenda look like?
The first three days consist mainly of theory with many practical demonstrations. The fourth day is all about practical exercises. The last day ends after a summary with a multiple choice exam and assessing a thermogram

Will I receive a certificate?
After completing the course you will receive a certificate of participation.
For the ITC level 1 certificate you must answer at least 75% of the 50 questions correctly.
You will receive the results approximately 14 days after the exam.

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Arthur Langstraat 14-03-2018 13:41

In januari van dit jaar heb ik de training Level 1 gevolgd. De reden dat ik Level 1 ging doen was om aantoonbaar meer kennis te hebben van thermografie. Dat is zeker gelukt! De docent gaf op een duidelijke, verhelderende wijze les. Er was meer dan genoeg ruimte tot het stellen van vragen en inhoudelijke discussie. De syllabus en het (Engelstalige) cursusboek gebruik ik nu als naslagwerk. De laatste dag werd afgesloten met een examen, ik ben gelukkig geslaagd en mag me dus nu Level 1 gecertificeerd thermograaf noemen. Kortom: Voor wie wil weten wat hij meet is deze training zeker aan te bevelen!

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