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Avec le thermomètre IR Spot TG56-2 (30:1), vous pouvez mesurer rapidement et facilement la température de surface sans contact dans des endroits difficiles d'accès.

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With the TG56-2 Spot IR (infrared) thermometer you can quickly and easily measure non-contact surface temperature in places that are difficult to reach. The TG56-2 offers a distance -to-spot ratio of 30 : 1 and can measure smaller objects from a safer distance .

• Take measurements easily from a safer distance, even in hard-to-reach spots
• Intuitive and user-friendly design with a vivid display
• Bright worklights and laser pointer for precise targeting in

Main applications:
• Inspecting industrial equipment, both electrical and mechanical
• Monitoring equipment for signs of degradation before it fails
• Ensuring energy efficiency in building inspections

Safely perform non-contact temperature measurements
Safety features that protect the inspector
• Easily take temperature measurements at safe distances
• Accurately aim at long range targets with a distance to point ratio of 20:1
• Quickly adjust settings, set high/low alarms to perform inspections efficiently

Accurate precision
Valuably capture temperature readings with range and targeted readings
• Equipped with class II laser sighting for targeted measurements
• Maximum IR temperature of 850 °C (1562 °F) for accurate readings of targets with high
• Store up to 99 measurement points that can be quickly referenced for comparison

Purpose Built for High Temperature Readings
When temperature measurements require a complete tool
• Type K thermocouple to capture contact temperature measurements
• IP20 rating for proper operation in common industrial environments
• Ergonomic ‘single hand’ design for simplified measurements and menu access

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