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Diese CO2-Ampel ist eine Signalsäule mit integriertem CO2-Sensor zur Überwachung der Luftqualität in geschlossenen Räumen

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CO2 traffic light

This CO2 traffic light is a signal tower with an integrated CO2 sensor suited to monitor the air quality in enclosed spaces. The signal tower has a green, orange and red LED indication and is equiped with a 230 V power supply and fastening material. There is a possibility for mounting on a wall with a mounting bracket.

Health and safety for people have become a top priority in the current situation. The CO2 traffic lights from Werma make it possible to monitor the carbon dioxide concentration. These traffic lights can be applied in enclosed spaces such as in public buildings, restaurants, shops, doctor's offices, universities, schools or open offices. With the three colours can be indicated whether the enclosed spaces should be ventilated.

The distinction is as followed:

  • Green (Air quality is good) = <800 ppm*
  • Orange (Ventilation is recommended) = 800 ppm - 1200 ppm
  • Red (Ventilation is urgent) = 1200 ppm - 2000 ppm
  • Blinking red (Danger for health) = >2000 ppm
    *ppm = (parts per million) i.e. number of parts per million parts

Mounting instructions;

  • Never install the traffic light higher than 2 meters above the floor
  • Moreover do not install the traffic light near the window
  • With the fastening material it is easy to use on a table or desk in office buildings
  • With a mounting bracket (975.883.01) easy to install on a wall in restaurants or shops.


- Sealing class: IP20
- Color: Green + Orange + Red
- Material: Plastic
- Mounting: Base mounting, Wall mounting
- Series: CO2 Traffic light
- Power supply: 230 Vac

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