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Logiciel de bureau FLIR Screen-EST ™ pour effectuer des mesures efficaces et précises de la température de la peau dans les endroits très fréquentés. Une caméra thermique FLIR est requise pour utiliser ce logiciel.

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FLIR Screen-EST, Skin temperature screening software

FLIR Screen-EST™ is an efficient, accurate desktop software for performing skin temperature screenings in high-traffic areas. When connected to a FLIR thermal camera, the software automatically detects individuals who enter the camera’s field of view and, within seconds, locates a hot spot and measures the skin surface temperature. If the measured temperature is higher than the rolling average, an alarm notifies the operator who can then immediately determine whether a second screening with a medical device is needed. FLIR Screen-EST sets up in minutes, allowing operators to screen individuals from a safe distance and mitigating the spread of illness among the work force. FLIR Screen-EST can be a vital tool for maintaining employee health and reducing the risk of work interruptions.

Simplified Screening for the Fight Against COVID-19

Plug-and-play connection with FLIR T-, Exx-, or A-Series cameras for a complete, easy-to-use system

Non-contact screening with automatic detection and measurement on an individual's face allows for faster traffic through check points

Take consistent measurements without added calibration sources or equipment: all that's needed is a camera, tripod, and computer

- Requirements: RAM: minimum 2 GB; 3 GB is recommended. Computer disk space: minimum 100 MB
- Operating System: Windows 10, 32-bit and 64-bit
- Cameras Supported: FLIR E53, E75, E85, E95, T530, T540, T840, T860, A400, A700 (Not all models available at time of release. Some models may require configuration kit)
- Camera requirements
* Exx-, T-Series: dual-stream capability installed in the camera
* A400/A700: Advanced Smart Sensor Configuration

- Kit options:
- T5xx-, T8xx-, Exx-Series kit includes:
FLIR Screen-EST software download scratch card
USB 2.0 A to USB Type-C cable with power supply
Camera firmware update to dual-streaming capability
- A400/A700 kit includes:
FLIR Screen-EST software download scratch card
Ethernet cable CAT-6, 2 m (6.6 ft)
Ethernet cable M12 to RMS, 10 m
Gigibit PoE injector 15 W

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