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Maintenance service by Sensor BV for your thermal camera

2-3 jours ouvrés

Description du produit

Keep your camera in top condition!

Maintenance points, consisting of:
1. Update to the latest firmware
2. Checking temperature measurement on blackbody
3. Calibration certificate
4. Cleaning the lens, display and control panel
5. Functional test
6. Repair of minor defects

Do you have an extra changeable lens and would you like to have it calibrated?
This calibration costs € 125,00 excl. VAT, you can order it HERE.

The price does not include additional costs for parts and defects.
Any additional costs will be communicated to you in advance.

This service is suitable for:
- FLIR E54, FLIR E76, FLIR E86, FLIR E96
- FLIR E53, FLIR E75, FLIR E85, FLIR E95
- FLIR E30(bx), E40(bx), E50(bx), E60(bx)
- FLIR T335, FLIR T360, FLIR T365, FLIR B335, FLIR B360
- FLIR T400, FLIR T420(bx), FLIR T440(bx), FLIR T460(bx)
- FLIR P20, FLIR P660
- FLIR I40, FLIR I50, FLIR I60
- FLIR B40, FLIR B50, FLIR B60

With good planning, this maintenance could be done in one to two days, so you can quickly get back to your camera.

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