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Seek Thermal Reveal XR Black FastFrame Seek Thermal Reveal XR Black FastFrame Seek Thermal Reveal XR Black FastFrame Seek Thermal Reveal XR Black FastFrame Seek Thermal Reveal XR Black FastFrame Seek Thermal Reveal XR Black FastFrame

Seek Thermal

Reveal XR Black FastFrame

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The RevealXR FastFrame camera delivers smooth thermal imaging at a detection distance of up to 900 feet

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Description du produit

We are proud to announce its newest line of all-in-one durable devices – RevealXR with FASTFRAME Imaging technology.

RevealXR FASTFRAME is engineered with faster imaging speeds that help reduce motion blur while scanning or on the go. With a frame rate greater than 15 frames per second, RevealXR FASTFRAME is ideal for fast-motion applications. Its 206x156 thermal sensor and powerful 300-Lumen LED flashlight lets you command both infrared and visible light at a moment's notice. The intuitive single-handed interface and button control makes it ideal for security, safety surveillance, and hunting in dark conditions. Its fixed focus narrows in at distances up to 900 feet, where the eye can’t see in the dark, and has a dedicated flashlight control for quick detection.

Powerful and rugged in design, the standalone Seek RevealXR FASTFRAME imager combines powerful thermal insight with a 206x156 sensor, rechargeable battery lasting more than 10 hours, and a large color display in one durable device

Using military-proven technology, the RevealXR FastFrame combines powerful thermal imaging capabilities and a 300 Lumen LED light in one durable, handheld device.

Whether you’re an electrician checking for a hotspot, an HVAC technician performing an audit, a security guard keeping watch, or a first responder looking for a heat signature, RevealXR FastFrame helps you get your job done quickly, accurately, and safely.

Technical specifications:

  • 900 feet detection distance
  • FastFrame delivers smooth thermal imaging
  • 2.4" screen with a 240 x 320 Display Resolution
  • Detectable range of -40°F to 626°F
  • 20° field-of-view
  • 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with 10+ hour runtime
  • 300 lumen LED spotlight
  • Seconds to set up, simple to use
  • Removable MicroSD card for photo storage
  • Compact enough for one-handed operation
  • Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer
  • 12μ Pixel Pitch
  • Chalcogenide Lens
  • Long Wave Infrared 7.5 - 14 Microns
  • Camera dimensions: 5 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches
  • Camera weight: 6.25 ounces
  • Model: RT-ABAX
  • Color: Pure Black
  • NOTE: This product is subject to U.S. EAR Export Regulations

Seek a Faster Advantage
By measuring very small temperature differences, invisible energy patterns are converted by our thermal imager into clear, visible images that the human eye can’t always see. Since the energy we sense is not impacted by visible light, our thermal imagers can be used in both daylight and night conditions across long distances.


Safety & Security
Keep an eye on things – even things your eyes can’t see. A visual assessment using Seek Thermal Imaging Cameras has unique benefits especially at night and over long distances. Thermal imaging detects elevated temperatures, which are indicative of objects radiating energy (or heat). This makes it easier to discover and detect heat-emitting sources at night where lighting provides unwanted attention:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Night Security
  • Search & Rescue
  • Land Surveillance and Border Protection
  • Public Safety & Tactical Support
  • Safeguard Corporate Facilities, Factories & Warehouses, Government Sites, or Residential Property




206 x 156 pixels
-40°C - +330°C
7,5 - 14 microns

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Yvo 01-08-2017 13:53

Gebruik de camera voor het spotten van wild in de bossen. Werkt goed voor het vinden van dieren op lange afstanden. Heel simpel in gebruikt en iedereen kan hem gebruiken. Scherm had wel iets groter gemogen maar als je naar de prijs kijkt krijg je veel voor je geld. Zeker aan te raden

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