Therm-App® is just one in a long line of innovations developed by Opgal Optronic Industries. Since its inception in 1983, Opgal has been at the forefront of developing high performance, versatile visualization hardware and software products for a variety of markets using its state-of-the-art thermal and other advanced electro-optical technologies.

Constantly seeking innovative applications for its thermal imaging technology, the company asked a simple question: How do we take thermal imaging to the burgeoning mobile market? That’s how Therm-App® was born — through combining a compact and convenient thermal imaging camera with the built-in capabilities of Android devices. The result: An innovative device that’s easy to use, while giving its users a broad array of capabilities – far beyond anything a built-in phone camera is capable of delivering.

Therm-App® delivers professional day/night imaging and thermographic capabilities in a powerful device that is small enough to fit in your pocket. Now you can take thermal imaging wherever you need to be. Whether you’re an electrician, building inspector, or technician, you can obtain accurate measurements and transmit them directly from the field.

Security professionals can utilize Therm-App® for a broad range of applications, from securing perimeters and enhancing safety on routine patrols, to locating lost or injured hikers. Therm-App® is equally useful in the wild, for spotting stray animals or game roaming in the bush irrespective of lighting or weather conditions.

Featured in “10 Tech Ideas That Changed the World in 2014,” Therm-App® has captured the imagination of users worldwide.

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