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Therm-App® TH turns Android smartphones into a professional thermography camera. With its thermal resolution of 384x288 pixels it has superb image quality. It's a compact, mobile, lightweight and thermographic device.

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Therm-App™ TH for Thermography Applications

The innovative Therm-App® TH transforms an Android smartphone into a professional, highly capable, and constantly evolving thermography tool. Take accurate temperature measurements and share the images and videos quickly and easily. Key features include manual and auto temperature scales, multiple color palettes, threshold hot/cold marking, instant sharing, professional PC analysis and reporting software, and more.

384*288 Pixels of Superb Image Quality
With its large thermal sensor and high 384*288 pixel resolution, Therm-App® TH provides excellent performance. Therm-App® TH provides you with the best image quality needed for your professional requirements.

Compact and Lightweight
Why use cumbersome, costly and complex tools, when you can opt for an affordable and convenient device coupled with outstanding performance? Therm-App®combines all the advantages of high quality thermal sensors with the powerful computing power of Android devices. All these benefits are packed in a compact and lightweight thermography tool.

User Friendly, Touchscreen Advantages
Leveraging modern smartphones’ high quality, high definition, and responsive touchscreens, Therm-App® TH for thermography provides the best user experience a professional thermal imager can provide. With Therm-App® TH for thermography, you get instant, high quality images and touchscreen performance you can trust.

Update Your Thermographic Data — On Time
Now you can use your smartphone to update your thermographic data instantly, enabling you to provide fast, efficient, and effective service. Therm-App® TH saves you time by enabling thermal images and videos to be uploaded to DropBox or emailed from the site. Now your data can be up to date, all the time.

Professional Thermographic Analysis & Reports
Therm-App® TH’s professional software features a full set of radiometric capabilities, enabling you to organize and evaluate infrared images and generate in-depth reports.

Get Therm-App Updates via Google Play
With Google Play, your Therm-App® TH application will be updated with new features as soon as they’ve been released. Now staying up to date is easy — and doesn’t cost you extra. Therm-App® TH offers ongoing value long after purchase.


384 x 288 pixels
NETD <0.07°C
0 – 200 °C
Optional lenses available
7.5 - 14 µm
9 Hz
+/- 2°C or 2% (@25°C)
Manual, 0.2m to infinity

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