LT10 - Light Meter

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The Extech LT10 Lightmeter has a pocket-sized housing with easy one-button operation

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Product description

Extech LT10 Lightmeter

The Extech LT10 is a pocket lightmeter. The LT10 measures and displays light intensity in foot candle and Lux units using a precision photo-diode sensor. This meter will be delivered with a 9V battery. The large (easy to read) backlit LCD displays measurement readings and status indicators.


• Measures light intensity up to 4,000Fc/40,000Lux with measuring rate of 1.5 times/second
• Pocket-sized housing with easy one button operation
• Large automatic backlit LCD display when meter is powered on

• Durable double molded side grip
• Tripod mount (tripod sold separately)
• Complete with 9V battery and built-in sensor
• Dimensions: 157 x 54 x 34 mm
• Weight: 170 gram
• CE Certificate

Many uses:

• Workplace lighting layout calculations
• Workshop task lighting
• Home overhead and lamp lighting
• Changeover from incandescent to fluorescent lighting
• Videography & photography set-up
• LED lighting
• Home theater set-up
• Aquarium set-up
• Garden lighting

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