FLIR Drone Kit 336

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Simply order your drone including FLIR thermal imaging camera at

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FLIR Drone Kits and thermal imaging cameras

Simply order your drone including FLIR thermal imaging camera at including FLIR thermal imaging cameragimbal and remoteUnique is the full control of the FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera from the ground for e.g. changing color palette, temperature measurement and isotherm functions.

Unique points of our concepts are:

  • Compact solution, it all fits in one (easy to carry) flighcase, which always is ready to use thanks to an integrated automatic charging system for the included batteries.
  • Modular en light, so therefore also usable as handheld thermal camera
  • The thermal camera is fully adjustable remotely with Vision+ app, so not only you can adjust PAN/TILT, but you also can fully configure it remotely (Isotherm, delta-t, palettes, etc.)
  • Fully stabilized camera thanks to included 3 axis gimbal
  • The camera and gimbal setup is very light weighted, therefore a light weighted drone is suitable. The whole setup weights around 1300 gram and is capable of +-15 min fly time.
  • Through modular design, the camera can easily hung on a hook, ladder or platform without requiring local people needed to operate the camera. In this setup the camera can record up to 5 hours.
  • With included Quickrelease you will be able to switch to 3th party cameras (if required) and still use the Vision+ APP.

The FLIR Drone Kit 336 consists of:

  • FLIR Thermal imaging camera with 336 x 256 pixels
  • DJI Phantom drone complete set
  • Gimbal
  • Remote
  • Quickrelease
  • Batteries
  • Tablet for remote control of FLIR Camera and live video image
  • Robust case

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336 x 256

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