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FLIR TG54 Spot Infrared (IR) Thermometer (24:1) provide non-contact surface temperature readings so users can quickly and easily take measurements in places that are out of reach.

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FLIR TG54 provide a distance-to-spot ratio of  24:1 and can measure smaller targets from a safer distance. Mode options allow users to view the current reading and last two temperature readings simultaneously. The TG54 is built with a color screen that makes it easy to navigate the devices and select settings. These FLIR IR thermometers have a rugged, industrial design that can withstand a three-meter drop. A bright LED worklight helps make a target visible in poor lighting conditions.
Product Features:

- Take non-contact surface temperature measurements with IR (infrared) sensor
- 24:1 spot ratio to measure smaller targets from a safer distance
- Rugged, industrial design that can withstand a three meter drop
- Bright worklight to help you see your target in poor lighting conditions
- Tool-less battery compartment
- Easy emissivity selection with predetermined levels and custom adjustment
- Stunning visual high and low alarms
- Easily identify measurement location with built-in laser targeting
- Color display, easy to navigate


- Distance to Spot Ratio (D:S): 24:1
- Temperature Range: -30˚C to +650˚C (-22°F to +1202°F)
- Accuracy of ±1˚C (1.8°F) or 1% of Reading
- 0.1˚C / 0.1˚F Resolution
- 1.45” TFT LCD (128 x 128 pixels) Display (W x H)
- Designed for IP56 IP Rating

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