FLIR „Ready-to-fly‚thermische FLIR Boson 320 Drone-Paket mit 4 Phantom FLIR „Ready-to-fly‚thermische FLIR Boson 320 Drone-Paket mit 4 Phantom


„Ready-to-fly‚thermische FLIR Boson 320 Drone-Paket mit 4 Phantom

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Lightweight FLIR Boson thermal mount.

The complete weight of the mount is less then 65 Gram. Due this small payload the flight time of the Phantom 4 is reduced to an minimum (almost untouched).


You can install the thermal camera onto the original DJI gimbal, this way the thermal mount works in ‘slave’ mode. It will always follow the direction of the original DJI camera. It will provide you simultaneously daylight and thermal view.

Applications FLIR Boson 320 mount

The FLIR Boson 320 thermal setup can be used for most applications, detection on the 320 is excellent for big and medium objects/hotspots.

Dual screen

With the setup you will have simultaneously daylight and thermal view. In most applications it is essential to have an combination with the daylight camera. The thermal is perfect for detection and the daylight camera is excellent for recognition.

Inside package?

  • FLIR camera model Boson met 320 x 256 resolutie
  • Mounting adapter
  • Integrated video transmitter (5.8Ghz)
  • 7″ LCD diversity receiver (thermal LCD receiver). Mounted on the DJI controller.
  • DJI Phantom 4 UAV (with DJI controller and Phantom 4 battery)
  • Control buttons on backside, for controlling the FLIR Boson pre-flight
  • Professional flightcase with build in charging hub for 3 batteries



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